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Brainstorm by Intuit Labs.
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Make your ideas a reality

Intuit Brainstorm walks you through the lean startup process, connects you with others and automatically creates a winning pitch. Try it for yourself.

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Capture Ideas

You've got great ideas, don't lose them! Record your ideas all in one place and we'll ask simple questions to make your ideas even better.

Record Rapid Experiments

Intuit's rapid experimentation best practices are built in. We'll walk you through the steps to build evidence for your idea, just like a lean startup.

Build a Team

Brainstorm helps you find the best people to work on your idea. Build the perfect team, and move faster than you thought possible.

Share Your Story

We help you create a better pitch. Share your progress with leaders, potential advisors, partners, or investors.

Learn to Innovate

Brainstorm helps you learn the latest and greatest innovation techniques while you work on your idea. Become a master of innovation.

Proven at Intuit Labs

We built Brainstorm to help Intuit's own innovation teams, now you can use it too. Learn from us, so we can be successful together.